My Diary Moments

*inspired by It’s On Again” feat Alicia Keys & Kendrick Lamar
SINGING: … I am a lonely hero Trying to fight my battles …
I bet they wonder how I go on? I simply say it’s on again
… SPEAKING: Warrior Genetics …
Seems most think soldier and lover
can’t coexist in one being
… nothing further from truth…
Passion lights a fire
… Takes over every thing, within and without …
it’s nature, unified coexistence
… Greatest soldier, greatest lover … …
SINGING aint no room for selfish ..
SPEAKING: Cause we do this for the people …
the battle is all I’ve ever known
… they wonder how we go on?
Soldiers don’t know what it means to Stop …
… Samurais walk alone, die alone …
but excuse me if I think we’re destined for something more .

… emotionally sedated to prevent paralyzation
keep shock from setting in
… wounds wrapped inside tourniquets of distraction
don’t pay attention
… and maybe the bleeding will just stop on its own
the cure’s on the other side of this street
… but traffic’s flying by blocking access
Keep building, battling, inspiring, pouring from self
… so that others can receive
but who’s gonna feed me?

never said I was perfect, just said I am great and amazing … never said I was flawless, just said I am beautifully made AND unique …
… “perfect” and “flawless” are overloaded words that create unrealistic AND UNNECESARY expectations
… Be You. Love & Appreciate You But Be Willing to Improve. AND NEVER FORGET TO DAILY compliment yourself & others around you

Let’s Build An Empire, Love
… Undeniable …
… We balanced, wild things …
… Allies …
We go where we wish with
… this passion
forget nuclear
.. we purely solar

… building together is EASIER than building alone … If I got pull my own self all the way up this mountain, what would BOND us at the peak?
THE UNION IS FORMED & SOLIDIFIED DURING THE CLIMB, not during the celebration. The celebration is when you reflect and enjoy the greatest paradise TOGETHER
… Don’t wait til you’ve finished the race to choose a team mate ..


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