About to get Metaphysical & Philosophical

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Life is a balance between chaos & order (aka balance & harmony). Think about that for a second. Order keeps life functioning: our cells, organs, the atmosphere, the elements. All of these things are “ordered” so that life can survive. However, there is chaos, obviously. Earthquakes are chaos that occur to retain the balance of the plates of the Earth. Hurricanes come to balance out chaotic imbalances in the atmosphere.

Across the universe chaos and order exist together. One cannot be without the other. In fact, chaos & order can also be said to work together for evolution to occur. Mutations are the agreement between chaos & order. Chaos wants to be random and wild, and without reason. Order wants survival & continuation as the species is, with no changes. However, in some cases the environment has shifted, and a change is needed. Order then gives chaos the chance to make radical changes, and if some of the species survive with the new mutation, order resumes it’s control as life continues on.

You still with me?

Since all life is a balance between “chaos & order” could it be said that God is order, and Satan is chaos? God creates life & sets laws for it in order to maintain its present order. Satan desires chaos & doesn’t care what results from the chaos, whether it be positive or total destruction’ he simply thrives from chaos. Perhaps the utopia we call “Heaven” or “Paradise” is simply a part of existence where all things are perfectly ordered, and the “Hell” would be a place of complete chaos.

I’m not saying this is 100% true, since I have not gathered any type of evidence or research. I’m only writing about what I’ve observed. And EVERYTHING does appear to be caught somewhere between Order & Chaos.


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