My America Is…


Copy of ninja girl

My America is the lover I can’t get enough of
But he’s choking my sanity down to shreds
This m*****  f***** needs asylum
insane traits
Like bipolar tendencies
He one moment can’t get enough of me
Then the next he’s taking everything out of me
Like vampire draining the life of me
I can’t breathe
My America is the hand that holds me high when we’re sharing our passions
We dancing across the flatlands, drumbeats , and guitar screams it’s

Rock & roll rebel soulful hip hop beat boxing
And then he be boxing me
in the left now the right eye

My America is filling me up with all the loving & soulfood I need
Fire lighting up the barbeque-ing in summertime dreams
Fireworks popping in skies, hands holding we united
But divided
Just as often it seems

My America is possessed with demons
It’s time for the exorcism
We the people falling to our knees
Sending up voodoo spells, praying in the churches and temples
We repeating Quranic prayers in repetition
Crying out to God in 5 different names at least
Cause we love as much as hate what our America is

But in my peace outside the madness of unequal wealth distribution
Families being ripped apart like bandages off wounds that haven’t healed
To be used as weapons of war, we don’t quite understand
Corporations bleeding out the lives of the people who built them
When I turn away from legislators acting like whores for CEOs
Taking the money so that we all can get ******

When I move my vision back on to the people
That’s when I see what my America really is
It’s children double dutch jump ropes sno balls
Ice cream, grandparents sipping sweet tea
Sharing their stories & lessons with young ones
It’s lovers moving like tangos across hearts
Road trips & football SuperBowl fans screaming

“Who Dat”

It’s spoken word lighting up the streets
Cause we are the candles in the dark
Breaking bread together, building a nation that without US
Can never stand
Cause without the U S  it’s only the A
A for Alone
A for Abandoned
A for Atonement
My America is a collaboration of tragedies

Rising up like Phoenix fireflies we
Create heaven from this Hell

My America is… a masterpiece
In process …
We aint quite finished yet


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