To The People Who Say

To The People Who Say

To the people who say to others, “I don’t need you.” Yes, you might be right. There is a chance, a very likely chance that in the present tense, you don’t need that person or people. I mean, if they don’t provide your necessities, technically, no, you don’t “need” them.

And in the area of achieving a goal, you might not need them either, since technically, any one can do any thing as long as they keep trying. BUT let’s be honest:
When you want to climb a mountain, it is possible to do it alone, HOWEVER we all know EVERYTHING is easier when you have people to assist you in the climb.

IN LIFE, we NEVER know who will be the right person to assist, we can only assume. To break ties in an emotional & absolute manner is ill-advised. Just because we disagree or can’t cooperate on ONE or a FEW things, doesn’t mean we should sever all connections with the person or people.

I’ve worked with a lot of different people, and a lot of different personalities, and types, and varied viewpoints over the years. I have not broken ties completely with them simply because, I don’t have to like everything about a person to work with them. THAT’S LIFE. We don’t always like every person in our network, and even those we do like, we don’t always like everything about them.

But not liking someone or just not liking something about them, DOES NOT make them less of an asset in your life.

You probably won’t recognize this in the heat of the moment. Which is why, the WISE are careful to not put up barriers between themselves and others.

There are definitely people I keep in contact with that I don’t always like being around. But I value who they are in my life regardless. AND THAT is what helps me achieve in life. A support system of many, across the globe, of all persuasions & opinions. And I love every last one of them, despite differences of opinion or attitude.

UNITY is the key.


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