We legends
in process

born with spiritual compositions
… for greatness
… delicately chosen
to shape the form
… education
never doubt the master teacher
… He’s guiding

We are soaring
… trusting
at times unsure but
… evermore

the real shines through
fire tested
battle victorious
I see your muscles flexing
aint no mistaking that form
comes only from hard victories won

I see you soldier.

and aint nothing more
… electric than
when legends in development meet
… they don’t know what the path will lead to…
GPS aint that sophisticated
… BUT mirrors are the only metaphor
that fits what they see
… and greatness is their child

vision consummation inevitable
upon this connection
legends in process
advanced classes
in session
on the mission

connected to the power grid
hacking our way in
overriding the system
If I’m the crouching tiger
call him the hidden dragon


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