Love – The Series


Episode I :
breathed in charisma like oxygen times 2
laid back resting my hemispheres divided in the surface
of this ocean… stillness, silver sparkling mirror
lightning sparks shatter the walls once thought to be
glitter electrical fireflies gliding through the winds I breathe
raise my hand as if touching this spirit is
forbidden but can’t refuse this is reflex like finding sanctuary, home, peace, that space perfectly balanced with my
resistance most definitely impossible
so i lay open and those words, shake the skies with thunder roars
even the dragons flee from
but this… this is the sweetest song to the center of me
I just … hope he doesn’t see
(to be continued)

Episode II:
Found myself returning to the waters again
… searching the sky for signs of his stormfront …
in the distant skyline, he hovers
…my heart jumps with each burst of light teasing me in the distance… cause I remember the tingling flood
pouring through the soft smooth skin of shoulder
that met with his hand
… my toes glide over the waters
that connect spiritual elements
… savor, slowly my descent into the deep…
… my thunderstorm is there waiting… to kiss me

Episode III: (inspired by sunset meditation)

kisses move like the sun at the close of day
… slowly descending sensuously to the core of me
these waves are shivers
… as liquid vapors rise, the sun’s rays connect two at
the horizons


Episode IV:
… the words are haunting me…



just when I think I’ve found them,

they move to some other hiding place

… the thunderstorm is surrounding me with

… beautiful distortions


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