In Memory of Maya

In Memory of Maya

… I always wanted so deeply to tell her how her poetry, especially her book “Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now” shaped me in my teen years & how those words resonated in my mind as I grew & became a mother… I quote her to Myrie at times…
… Like when I tell Myrie, Don’t you start whining, cause whining lets someone know they can take advantage of you… that’s my re-wording of Maya’s statement: “Whining is not only graceless, it is dangerous. It alerts a brute that there is a victim in the neighbourhood”
… OR when I tell Myrie “you have find your own way to be exactly who you are. Be true to the beauty of you and do not be afraid of that. Feel sorry for those who imprison themselves inside the expectations of others.” and then I read to her the quote from Maya Angelou ” It is wise to take the time to develop one’s own way of being, increasing those things one does well and eliminating the elements in one’s character which can hinder and diminish the good personality. – Maya Angelou, “Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now”
… When she read “Phenomenal Woman” millions of female spirits were uplifted into her voice and made new every time. I wonder how many of us found courage in those words? “I am woman Phenomenally, Phenomenal Woman, That’s Me”
… There’s so much more I want to say, and much more that I will say, but for now, I remind myself and ALL OF YOU reading, that we are phenomenal, each man & woman, and no matter what way this world may flow at times, our joy is the journey, and did we give joy to others while in this place, did we find joy while in this place. Ms. Angelou certainly has done both a million times over
… With Love, from a poet child raised in your words, Rest in Peace, Passion, and Poetry, Maya ❤ Til in heaven we meet ❤


2 thoughts on “In Memory of Maya

  1. I have always been inspired by Maya Angelou. While I’m no poet, I am one in love with poetry. I actually performed “Phenomenal Woman” at a summer camp when I was a teen. To this day, I still love that piece!

    Rest in Heaven, Dear Queen Angelou.


    1. I love how her light shined on so many of us. That’s what will sustain her legacy: the impression she has made on each of us, and how we live it & pass it on to others.

      Thanks for sharing your memory of her ❤

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