Louisiana Man


Grips onto his woman’s side the way he grips on to tires as he lifts
Takes to mud in boots and gets all dirty from head to toe
but still tries to come back and give his lady a kiss
He’s never too macho to cut up on the dance floor
but macho enough to be tougher than the rest
Laughs like waves over bayous
and tears like rain drops in summer
they come and go just as fast
but the memory of them hangs in the air
and so his lady holds him under starlight
and reminds him that THIS,
these arms
will never leave him alone in the fight

Never too grown to play superheroes
with capes made out of bedsheets
and never afraid to sip tea with his princess,
whether a daughter or a niece
Best damn barbequeing,
rough, and loving
laughing and hugging,
working, sweating,
building, hoping, holding,
reminding us why life is really worth living

it’s the moments he sits outside in silence
like the guardian angel of his home
… a true Louisiana Man


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