The LOVE Tower of Babel

The LOVE Tower of Babel

One of the best books out right now is called “The 5 Love Languages” If you ever want to know THE WAYS to show love to the one you’re with, you need to know THEIR love language.

What ever their love language is, is the way they understand and recognize love. If you show love through “gifts” and “words of affirmation” but your partner’s language is “acts of service,” then they WILL NOT recognize that as love.

THIS is the reason some people say they didn’t feel loved, while their ex says “but I showed you love every day!” BOTH OF THEM ARE RIGHT. Because he/she was showing love in the way they knew how to, while the other person didn’t understand.

It’s EXACTLY the same as someone speaking in Japanese to someone who ONLY speaks Italian; it’s ALL LOST IN TRANSLATION.

So if you’re single, take the love language quiz so you’ll know what YOU NEED to feel loved. And when you meet someone that you’re REALLY INTO, let them know what they can do to show you love. ❤ Then get them to take the quiz too so that you can understand them better and get the LOVE STARTED RIGHT.

If you’re IN A RELATIONSHIP now, both of you should take the quiz and share your results.

I assure you, it’ll be eye-opening and worth the time.

While you’re at it, you might want to buy the book too. It’s a great read. 🙂

my heart’s got a combination entry
… no key…
if u figure out what that means, maybe you can get to me


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