X (National Poetry Month 26/30)


X wants to be remembered for greatness
nothing less than
at the beginning footsteps were pitter patters
on tiles
every move was celebration
applause from the bigger ones
eyes sparkling
cause X could do no wrong
X grew and found education was easy
like summer afternoons and picnics at parks
never a care or worry
until X became
You are “this” and “this” is not “us”
X walked solitary and that distance was
solidifying a nature within

X found solidarity
a garden of peace and balance
X ran til limbs shivered from the rage

it was internalized
not rage wishing to kill life
rage wishing to erase and demolish this
of confusion
X found ways to fly into skies
without the need for substances
an angel walking among men
X grew to be
sure of center

sure of purpose

sure that challenges would be inevitable
but understanding stood firm
though some times X cried
and steps sometimes slowed so X could regain breath
X never stopped the forward progression
that every day would bring all possible achievement
and all possible joy
Cause X understood the power of DECISION

this life is a gift never to be dismissed
so X keeps moving
is X you?
Is X me?
X is whomever feels inspired by this story…
Be the glory you were designed to be love


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