Conspiracy of the P (National Poetry Month 23/30)

Conspiracy of the P

Hickory Dickory and Dock
conspiracy theories run amock
but give me a moment to share
… you see
THEY had 2 issues
so they went on attack
1st, to emasculate the masculine rage
they tried to beat it down into powdery particles
they could wash away in an ocean of oppression
but the tactic only multiplied the determination
of the soldiers to overthrow them
2nd, the feminine protection and energy sources
how to divide the soldiers from their supplies
of motivation, fuel, and purpose?
THEY found ONE solitary weapon
Let the men get it real cheap
convince the women that it’s only right
to expose their feminine bodies is their liberty
F*** modesty THEY told we that it was the MAN’S method of oppression
so LIBERATE the P***Y
let it fly freeeeeeeeee
and once it’s free and woman sees her MAN as dominator and user
instead of her soldier and protector
and man sees woman as defiant or too easy
Man has lost his reason to stand firm
so he’s floppy in his movements for revolution,
matter of fact he’s quite laxidasical really
after all what reason has he to fight?
and Woman is too busy trying to prove she’s
no different than the man
and he’s suspect number one in ALL things wrong
So…. call it conspiracy. or whatever you wish
but every fact proven, STARTED WITH A THEORY
.We need to LIBERATE UNITY and see what happens next…

and let me add this less poetic addition. Why is “sex” the only thing Western society seems intent on keeping unhinged? Think about it.

We restrict diets. We agree that setting an exercise regimen is healthy. Moderating sleep habits is a good idea. Moderation in alcoholic and other mind altering substances, totally makes sense to most people.

Education, work, exposure to sunlight, etc etc etc

But as soon as someone says, “it’s a good idea to make healthful choices regarding sexual connections.” OH jayzus take the wheel but that’s “oppressive.”

This is the most intimate way we connect with others. This physical intertwining is the deepest way we ALTER the boundaries and attitudes between 2 or more people.

So it’s not a wild or oppressive idea that we should be more MINDFUL in choosing our partners and in setting boundaries for how and when and with whom we want to have sex with.

That’s HEALTHY AF: physically, mentally and spiritually.

AND ABOUT THE 2ND THING I MENTIONED: striving to be the same as a man


That is the opposite of what women’s rights should. If you want to be the “same” as a man, do you. But dammit most women are just fine being different.

All we really need is equal pay and equal opportunity and equal protection under the law. We are weaker when we are fighting to be something that we are not. And what confuses TF out of me is when someone says they support transgender rights but thinks it’s insane for a biologically born female to enjoy what she deems “feminine.”

Stop the madness.

The sexual liberation and feminism have overstepped boundaries and started to fight on battle fronts that are not even necessary.

Every woman has the right to define femininity for herself and should be respected for doing so.

Every person MUST make better choices of partners and sexual habits that NURTURE and DO NOT HARM them physically, mentally, or spiritually. IT’S NOT SLUT SHAMING to tell a woman or man that it’s better to not f*** every partner that approaches them. It’s called HAVING STANDARDS and not every body is worthy of syncing up with your body.



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