If I Said I Were A Muslim … (National Poetry Month 19/30)

If I Said I Were A Muslim ...

If I said I were a Muslim
… would you be ready to turn me in to authorities?
Would you claim I’m learning hate
… or supporting violence and oppression?
If I said I were Muslim would you see me as enemy
… declare me insane?
Take a look in the mirror before you make your claims
… it was a so-called Christian nation that killed and beat
millions, robbed and bludgeoned
to build the nation we now call home
… it is this nation that has been in constant war
for over 100 years
calling it “peace maintenance”
… still to this day got millions living in economic
disparity for the color of skin or national origin
… See, psychologists call that a reflection defense mechanism
accusing the other for one’s own guilt
… before you criticize anyone
take a look at the legacy our forefathers have built
If I say I am Muslim, ask me what it means
… it’s not what West propaganda makes it seem
(Muslim = believer in one God
… Allah = The One God
Jihad = spiritual battle to walk as God requires
… If you got more questions, just ask)


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