Not Saying (Nat Poetry Month 17/30)

Not Saying (Nat Poetry Month 17/30)

… i was told to put into poetry …
confess it within these lines that typically flow so easily
… but every time i think of what to say,
my mind erases like a chalkboard on the last day of class
… every syllable rushes out to do anything
but transmit this message
… damn kids they are and all i wanna do is run out with them…
escape this failure of expression
… im gonna hang up side down from the jungle gym,
and dare you to sky dive with me from the swings
… see when i imagine this playground of life…
it’s you i see next to me
… in this moment ..
im playing with the image of us the last time
… we ran with those laughs pushing
and fueling us forward
…prank playing …
taking keys and hiding
… I’ve never known such ease of connection…
we got something and I dont know what’s in your heart
… i just know this aint never gonna stop…
bringing smile to faces
… blessings to any places
lucky enough to witness us playing
… I see you in ways lovers only dream of being seen…
but you see this is one of them things
that scares the bravest soldiers in this life
… we’d rather face front line battle
with bullets flying past our ears,
… than to open up that door with this confession …
so im just gonna keep on flying
… on this playground as long as you wanna play baby…
until you say
… something…
*singing: im gonna need you to say something baybayyyyy!!! LOL
… i just dont wanna lose something
if i say something
… so for now im not saying nothing


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