Small steps crunching rocks and pushing dust aside
Eyes sparkle and her laughter flies into the wind
carried along by the leaves with her wishes for
candy and ice cream.

My tears of joy daring to emerge as her words tickle my ears
she stands sure inside because she does not know fear.
My creation, my blessing from heaven she is…
and yes, I do know bliss…

bliss lies inside her eyelashes of ebony silk
it is born and grows from inside that sweet angellic heart
that pats me on my shoulder and says
Mommy I miss you
only she thinks missing is a synonym for loving…
my sweet gift…
how can you not melt like ice thrown at the sun?

Yes I know bliss
it’s in the heaven inside her sweet kiss
laying like sugar on my cheek and I return my wishes
inside kisses to my love

she is my bliss. And there is nothing more special
than a moment like this.

Written April 3, 2010 ( my 1st poem about Amyriel)


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