6 Things That People Need to Just Get Over…

6 Things That People Need to Just Get Over...

#6 the photo habits of other people on social media
… so what if Susie likes making the kissy face in all her pics.
and so what if Jake and Mike take pics in the gym everyday
Susie thinks she’s cute with her lips all smushed together,
and Jake and Mike are self-rewarding for their commitment to exercise.

#5 the grammatical and spelling errors on social media
… does it really hurt you to see “ur” or “your” when the person obviously meant “you’re”? Just saying, we don’t talk in perfect grammar and pronunciation, WHY do we always have to type in perfect form
(NOTE: this does not include situations where the person says “pass” when they mean “past” or any other usage of a word that sounds the same but in no way fits the meaning of the sentence: such as “let the pass go. it’ in the pass” )

#4 Stop getting bent out of shape and going into emotional tirades when someone disagrees with you on social media. Just because they think something different from you, does not make them the spawn of the devil, or lower than a bacteria on a dung beetle. It’s called: everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and you losing it isn’t hurting or changing anything but your own personal blood pressure.

#3 Following fad diets (hello they do not work. Just eat healthy whole foods, and walk or play a sport a few times a week)

#2 Stop acting like a person of another belief is out to “convert” you.
Other religions are not going to infect you, so it’s perfectly ok and even morally correct for you to treat a person of another religion as a brother and sister of this world.

#1 Acting like the world is going to hell and on the verge on ending.
The world is not going to end tomorrow or even next year. We’ve got no way of knowing the end date of any of this, so it’s time people stop talking and acting like this place isn’t worth protecting.
Even if all we have is another year of five years, we need to spend every part of it doing something positive. Whether you believe in God or not, this life is a gift and one opportunity, don’t you want to use it for something better than COMPLAINING all the time???


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