Masculinity Is…

Masculinity Is...

Masculinity is

protection and provision. Men are designed with the ability to protect themselves, and women and children. Their physical strength makes them perfectly made to do so. Men find joy in knowing that those within their home are safe and secure.

Provision – Men are providers by nature, and for years have been designed to do so. In order to allow the woman time to care for the children and explore the world as she chooses, the man has for millenia been expected to provide.

I hear my critics already: What about absent fathers?

Here’s something you probably didn’t consider. The absent father issue wasn’t even around before feminism was. While some fathers before the 1960s weren’t present, there weren’t enough incidents of it to event create stats and research on.

SECOND, and very often ignored, is the fact that women also abandon and neglect their seed, yet when some women do this, no one says that ALL women are abusers and destructive. When these women in recent years murdered their children, the feminist media said it was “post partum” or the “burdens of motherhood were just too much.” No one started demanding courts regulate all mothers and their access to their kids. Courts didn’t start actively putting children in the primary custody of their fathers.

While the murders were extreme and less than 1% of the pop, the fact is that there are just as many abusive and neglectful women as there are men. The only reason it appears otherwise is due to feminist media’s propaganda assault at men over the years. Their goal has ever been to put the blame on the men; NOT to find solutions.

Some feminists argue that fathers don’t provide care as often as mothers anyway, and they use this to justify their support for mothers over fathers as primary custodial parent. One such study has been quoted as saying, that married fathers provided”6.5 hours a week taking part in primary child care activities” while the mothers provided 12.5 hours of primary child care activities.
Notice the “words” chosen, though: primary. This indicates that they separated care of the children into “categories.” They have purposely separated the child care activities, and found a way to make it appear that fathers are incapable based on that smaller set of actions.

This quote fails to mention that this study didn’t take into account other activities that fathers take part in with their children that aren’t considered “primary” child care, according to the writers of that article. Fathers are also taking care of “secondary” activities, therefore this assertion proves nothing. A

ND EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, these attackers still don’t acknowledge that fathers are just as capable of providing the care, as the mothers are. If they divide duties during marriage, this does not make them incapable of taken on all the duties when living apart.

Feminists demand equality in the workplace, but fail to agree that men should be given the same opportunities as women to parent their child. If feminists want women to be able to have any job they wish in the military and other places, then wisdom dictates that true equality includes the rights of fathers to be given the opportunity to have 50% custody of their children when parents are not living in the same home.

The courts have complicated criteria they use in these cases. The manuals that are used to guide custody decisions are absurd! Pages upon pages of what should be simple.

2 parents made a child, and unless there are allegations of abuse, the courts have NO RIGHT to decide who gets to care for their children more often than the other. The manual on custody cases can be reduced to this:
50% genetic investment, 50% responsibility of the child.

Data shows that in many states, courts are deciding against fathers overwhelmingly: 6 to 1 !!! And these are the cases where the father is requesting the custody, meaning these are fathers who WANT to be fathers! And it’s not just stats from various states. I’m speaking of personal testimonies and situations I’ve witnessed. There was a woman I know who I witnessed her neglect of her children who was awarded primary custody and $1600 in child support from a father whose heart was torn in two as the courts took his kids from him.

His story is sadly not an isolated incident.

I say all that to say this: Feminism has claimed to be the savior of women and the protector of women, but has effectively created a rift and divide between men and women.


We as ladies want and need our protection providers, and it’s time we admit that feminism overstepped its boundaries in its efforts to secure rights in school and the workplace.

We can  and should have our husbands/lovers, and our careers and education at the same time.

Yes, masculinity is protection and provision. Men feel more fulfilled, balanced and content when they have a feminine woman beside them, whom they can love and walk through life with. Women feel whole and at peace when they know they’ve got a strong man there to be their ally through all that life brings.

I can’t hug feminism at the end of the day. I can’t share laughter with feminism while watching the kids play. I can’t make a family with feminism, rely on feminism to fix my car, repair a wall, discipline the kids in only the way a man can. (You ever watched the way a kid reacts when they hear a masculine voice speak?)  I can’t cry into feminism’s strong masculine arms and feel safe and loved. I can’t rest my head on feminism’s shoulder, and feel a warm hand on the small of my back. Only a man can give that to a heterosexual woman.




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