Is a Woman Allowed to Accept a Compliment from a Man Anymore?

Is a Woman Allowed to Accept a Compliment from a Man Anymore?

The men in this photo were told their signs were “sexually harassing” the women running in the marathon. Yes, the three men were hired by cosmetic company “Bare Minerals” to hold up the encouraging signs declaring that a woman is just as beautiful when she is sweaty during a marathon as she is at any other time. Yet, feminists decided that compliments such as this were “sexual harassment.”

To further herald their achievement, an article listed this among the 23 biggest “feminist achievements” in recent years. They successfully demanded the removal of the signs from the sidelines of the event, and Bare Minerals issued an apology as a result.

As a woman, I’m saying that Feminism has gone too far, and I’m not alone. Prior to writing this entry, I surveyed women to determine how this situation would make them feel. The responses were a resounding: I’d feel encouraged and thankful for the support.

So my question is, when did it become offensive for a man to compliment a woman? As women before we applaud this type of situation, we have to ask what the ramifications will be. Men who are told this is harassing to women, are beyond confused. They are told to tell us we’re beautiful, and then told that if they do it, they’re guilty of harassment.

I can’t deal. Seriously.

There were several items on the list of 23 “achievements” that I was happy for, a few that were questionable in nature, but THIS ONE, most definitely goes way beyond “women’s rights” into absurdity and insanity.

MEN READING THIS, please understand, that plenty of women appreciate your compliments , and encouragement, especially as it relates to us living and leading healthy lives.

To feminists, it’s past time to re-evaluate the feminist agenda, and to question some of the women in that movement before we co-sign everything that goes under the label “feminism” and “women’s rights.” It’s not always good.

Any organization that fails to admit it can be wrong sometimes, is doomed to ignorance. We are all human, and all capable of mistakes, and telling men they are not allowed to compliment us, is a horrible and damaging mistake.


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