In Response

In Response

1. Double standards
2. Internationally
3. “masculine enough”


The fact that you connected masculinity with assault and rape is proving a point. THAT is what modern America has begun doing; telling boys they are predestined to be assailants and the only way they can vindicate their atrocious nature is to tuck away their masculinity.

The double standard of your belief system is rather obvious. You think it’s perfectly understandable that a gay man is allowed to be as feminine as he chooses, and can have sex with any consensual man of his choice, and you don’t want to be discriminated against OR belittled OR insulted. You don’t want to be stereotyped. Yet you see nothing wrong with telling a man who wants to be traditionally masculine that he’s wrong in your eyes. You think it’s absurd that a boy who wants to play rough and tough and get dirty in the mud, would be supported in doing so by his parents.

YET IF HIS BROTHER CHOOSES to be gay, you’ll wave your support in the air proudly for HIS right to be who he is. DOUBLE STANDARDS.

There’s a reason I don’t call myself liberal or conservative, and don’t call myself repub or demo. It’s because I am and will always be a HUMAN RIGHTS SUPPORTER. And “human” means ALL HUMANS. So when I say I support a gay couple in adopting children, I will just as quickly say that I support the rights of “single” mothers and fathers to adopt. And any other sane and responsible couple. If you support rights For ONE group and don’t offer them to the other, then you CANNOT say that you support equal rights.

2. There was a comment about the identity of “masculinity” in other nations, and one person said it hasn’t changed that much internationally, while the other said it has.

Since I teach and interact with hundreds of people on a daily basis who are natives of EVERY continent, I can give insight. IT HASN’T CHANGED VERY MUCH AT ALL. Seriously. The only place that somewhat has seen change is the Netherlands. Otherwise, Africa, Middle East, Asia, South America retain a beautiful form of masculinity that has remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years. While there is more acceptance of diverse forms of “gender” expression in some places, the actual nature of what it is to be “masculine” has not changed even in more liberal areas.

3. It was asked who among my friends wasn’t “masculine enough?” and it was asked if I were saying a man would have to be “tough” enough to be considered a “man” or “masculine.”
No where in the post on masculinity was it ever said that a man had to do all the things listed in order to be masculine. The post stated that parents should support their sons rights to be masculine in the way he chooses. Examples were given to illustrate. Nothing more. Not every boy goes around jumping from steps and rough housing with his friends. But how ever a boy shows his masculine traits they should not be labeled as “too aggressive” or “assaulting” or as if he is destined to be evil because of his masculinity.

In the next post on this topic, I’ll have more details and examples on the assault against a boys right to be masculine, and other men’s rights issues. Will this be accepted by everyone? No. But just as much as I speak out on the need for equality in one arena, I will speak on it in other arenas.


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