Defend your son’s right to be MASCULINE

Defend your son's right to be MASCULINE

*photo credit: Jessica Mashael Bordelon 2010*

Camille Paglia is a feminist who doesn’t mince words. She calls a spade a spade. She has gone on record as saying many times that feminists are hurting the United States with policies aimed at “neutering” boys at an early age and continuing the de-masculinization process through media and other avenues.

In an environment so hostile to “masculinity,” how can parents protect their son’s rights to be “manly?” Some of you may already have it handled, but for those who don’t mind a different perspective, here are some tips.

1. Let him play outside. (as often and as long as possible.)

2. Do not “baby” him when he gets hurt. It’s never “hurt” anyone to learn to self treat and handle wounds. Let him learn his strength. Be supportive but don’t act like he’s made of glass.

3. Let him be rough. I know it’s hard, for moms especially, but if he wants to jump off the top step and land on the walkway, LET HIM. If he wants to play “wrestlers” and scuffle with his friends, LET HIM. He needs to express his nature. He was born with XY genes, and all the hormones and tendencies that creates. If you “bottle him in” or “make him act against his nature,” it’s just as bad as putting an eagle in a cage, and beating it everytime it tries to fly.

4. If he wants to play aggressive male games, LET HIM. The world is not and will not in any near future be a world of padded walls and covered electrical outlets. Years after you no longer wipe his butt and clean his face, he will have to face the “real world,” not a fairy tale. He needs to practice being rough, being daring, being a soldier.
Let him play army. Let him explore, and jump out of trees, and play sports. Let him take part in martial arts and boxing.

5. If someone speaks out against manhood in his presence, CALL THEM OUT ON IT. Let him see you stand up for the rights of men to be manly. If someone says “boys are too rough.” Say “yes and it’s great, because one day their roughness will protect us from danger.”
If someone says, “boys are too this or that” find a way to spin it into a positive and let him see it.

6. SET AN EXAMPLE of a woman and man interaction. Let him see your man take care of you, open doors for you, cuddle you, help you, console you. Let him see how a man takes care of home. Because one day, someone’s daughter will love him, and she will adore it if he knows HOW to love.

7. Have fun with your little prince. Support his right to be all that a boy and a man is by nature and by culture of YOUR home.

Here’s to all the little princes and the kings of our world.

(Next time, we’ll talk about letting “girls be girly” 🙂 )

Supporting the rights of ALL people,

Word of a Rebel


3 thoughts on “Defend your son’s right to be MASCULINE

  1. I agree completely. And I think it goes for girls too. There is nothing wrong with a girl being rough also. My child will put on a dress and then go wrestle in the grass with her brother. I think there is too much ‘protection’ and not enough self exploration with guidance these days. Great article!

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