In response to a question…

In response to a question...

The question was: How does this photo make you feel?

This photo gave me a few different reactions, but the prevailing one was that we sometimes forget how near this Civil Rights movement was to us in time, and how the legacy of oppression lingers.

EVEN MORE DANGEROUS, is how our country acted following the Civil Rights Act. It was as if the powers that be,and a large enough group of the “people” were saying “Okay we made it illegal to treat people differently based on race. Now that it’s illegal it’ll just go away. So stop talking about it. Let’s get back to the party.”

The issue is that obviously the tumours of this racism cancer and this hatred cancer remained. The only time outbursts of it are treated is when someone points it out to the “doctors” until they cut it off or pump it full of chemo. HOWEVER, the vast majority of the cancer has never been attacked.

There was a lot more that needed to be done to truly remedy the situation, and words on a piece of paper was the same as giving a cancer patient a lifetime supply of Valium and Barbituates and telling them they’re cured as long as they keep popping the pills.

That’s how this photo made me feel; that we are still dying from the cancer that these men and women tried to remove in the past.

It’s still festering. Are we going to cut it off?


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