A Rose By Any Other Name

A Rose By Any Other Name

Colonization has become gentrification
Slavery is now the prison system
Concentration camps is now unequal wealth distribution
added on to expensive beyond belief healthcare
instead of “gas” chambers they feeding you chemicals,
working you longer and longer hours, for wages too low to support your needs
then burying you 6 foot deep cause you’re going to that permanent sleep
Instead of school segregation
they just under-funding everybody’s education
Keeping the masses fighting like crabs in a bucket
til some start to say “fuck it!”
fighting and stabbing each other in the eye
but if they realized that collaboration of the many
can overpower the few hording the plenty
take down the one who’s “Massah” hiding in CEO
or government clothing
Cause a rose and oppression by any other name
is just as damning


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