is cold like
ninja assassin
she tip toes over head
beyond understanding
the wind carries her like
the moon holds her inside
dancing ribbons
He kisses her soul light
knows her flow
soft whispered
bullets she sends
silent invading destruction
like Phoenix
she reacts
not premeditates
this pain

fragile is
as fragile does
finds sanctuary
inside shadows
dreams of diving beneath
deepest ocean
to melt into
the darkness
she phantom
hovering in the abyss
only worthy
will survive the descent
Maybe then
fragile can escape
password protected
Access denied
til the one

Fragile (Part 1) – written in 2012

Fragile is as fragile does
so when fragile breaks
you better run because
what fragile takes
is what fragile gives
forgives but not forgets the breaks
that’s how fragile lives


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