Indomitable Will

Indomitable Will

My mother and grandmother  often told me I was a fighter from my 1st breath. This is about that…

Over the years, we share stories of our past with new acquaintances. Something happened over and over. As I would share something that I considered just a part of my life, appeared to be quite dramatic to the person who was listening. It reminds me of the psychology that says a person interprets their own experience as normal, even if in comparison to others it may be more challenging, or more at ease.

These events in my life that I had grown accustomed to appeared tremendous challenges to others, and it was then that I realized: perseverance during these times wasn’t a choice; at least not the way we choose what to eat for lunch. It was SURVIVAL. It was necessity that was INTERNALIZED. At that time, I didn’t know exactly what my purpose was in this life, but I believe we all have a sort of “knowing” within. I knew it had something to do with communication and uplifting others, but nothing further.

The important thing was that this sense of purpose was strong, so no amount of outside struggles could stop me. Perhaps it could delay me a bit, as I strategized the appropriate response to it, but there was no stopping.

THE LESSON: When you know your purpose, when you remind yourself of it, it makes the struggles shrink down to speed bump altitude, or maybe just an average sized hill, instead of a mountain range.

Whatever you are facing, I assure you, it is passable and it’s an opportunity to develop something within yourself. The challenges of life are training and shaping you. You can choose to give up and wallow in the misery, OR you can determine what you can GAIN from this as you make your strategy and put it into action.



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