Our Hands

Our Hands

I cried cause I saw how far away

the solution really was…

matter of fact, it was getting safe to say

it may never enter into my grasp

but how strange depth perception is

and what appears to be a world away

may be nearer than one thinks

or may be connected to the string or rope

lying at your feet

all you had to do was pick it up

and pull

and other times the focus is so locked on

to this distant, illusive option

that we fail to see the others

all around

I cried because that solution

was beyond my reach

but in the months that followed

I saw that my greatest teacher

was shaping me

to remember adaptability and peace

because those tears only blind and distract

challenges are only temporarily so

when we keep our mind and eyes clear

remain aware that this universe is our safe haven

it’s then that we understand

how much power

is really in

our hands


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