Spiritual flow through the physical

Spiritual flow through the physical

The text in the photo above indicates how spirits are effected by whom they choose to “lay with” and “connect wtih.” When you become more aware of your spiritual energy, you “see” the effect more clearly.
Now, don’t misunderstand. It effects you regardless, whether or not you see it, but being able to perceive it is a blessing.

The blessing comes in two forms: you can feel everything physical and emotionally more thoroughly (so the appreciation of greatness is amplified) AND you can identify unhealthy connections sooner and avoid drama (if you’re wise enough to know to stay away from the negative energy)

How do you increase your spiritual “awareness?” Meditation is of course the most common way. It’s when you sit alone with peaceful instrumental music or silence. You allow your thoughts to wonder and sometimes keep your mind clear. As you sit in peace, you become more attuned to that inner energy. DO NOT feel pressure to keep your mind totally clear; it’s not necessary. Meditation is a time to learn your own spiritual flow, and to feel that connection with the higher being.

Also, attending to the needs of your spirit will build its abilities. Your spirit needs “soul food.” No, I don’t mean rice & gravy, biscuits, and greens. I mean art, poetry, laughter, beautiful music, fresh air, sunlight, knowledge, etc. Things in the world around you that bring joy and peace, and uplift you.

As you meditate (to become more connected to your own spirit) and take in the nourishment that your spirit needs from the world around you, you will learn to perceive the energies that others radiate. You will feel connections in a beautifully stronger manner, and you will be able to detect and stay away from spirits that would do more harm than good.

To those who doubt, just know this:
a blind person can’t see the snake, the puppy, or the elephant, but if they touch the blind person, they recieve the same effects as everyone else… open all of your senses #Freedom


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