The Uniform You Wear (Women in Picture are the Same Age)

The Uniform You Wear (Women in Picture are the Same Age)

We’ve heard some folks say they think the world should be focused on the “inside” and not the “outside.” That’s a sweet hope, but not sensical, since the human mind is trained from birth to look for “symbols” from which it can determine meaning. For example, the baby knows a smile indicates happiness, and a frown, sadness. A toddler knows that the shape of his cup means “an object that holds juice,” and when mommy is holding a bath towel, that means “it’s bath time for baby.”

From early on we learn to interpret everything in our world based on what we “see.” Of course we are also able to determine somethings by our “inner feeling” or “intuition,” but much of what we interpret is related to what we see.

With that said, before you leave your home, and within your home too, you must ask yourself, “what is my goal for today?” and “am I presenting myself to the world in a way that will increase my chances of success with that goal?”

Here is an example: 3 single woman say they would like to find a partner for life. Each one wants a romantic connection with a man that will lead to marriage and children.

Woman 1: is wearing a sexy, “come get it” outfit on most days.
Woman 2: is wearing unkempt clothing that is often drab and hides her figure.
Woman 3: is wearing a sensual but sensible outfit that is flirtatious and flattering.

Of these 3 women, which do you believe is sincere when she says she wants to attract a man into her life? They may all think this is what they want, but 2 of them are misguided. Woman 1 is not presenting the image of a “wife,” instead she appears to be “fling material” at best. Woman 2 is not attracting anything, because to the outside world she is hiding what makes her appealing. Her clothing says “keep away” I don’t want to be looked at. On the other hand, Woman 3 is advertising her best traits and her presentation is inviting the attention of the kind of men who are interested in marriage.

Yes I do know some women in all 3 categories. My message to each is: if you say you want something, you have to communicate that with the “symbols” you wear.

That’s the reality of the human mind. If you want to defy this reality, and continue in your rebellion, that’s your choice. Just remember, changing the way humanity functions will take generations, so unless you plan on being a vampire, you don’t have that kind of time on your hands.


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