I am seeking answers within and outside of me

… what makes a man shoot and kill men, women and children?

men, women and children who it was known were not doing anything harmful to anyone

who kills families who are living the way of life they have for generations
what makes a person choose to follow “orders” over choosing humanity?

What makes leaders make decisions in opposition of the choices and rights of others

EXAMPLE from Pakistan and Afghanistan: 

The authorities of Pakistan refuse to allow the nomads to move across the lands they always have unless they are registered with a formal government body and can gain travel documents such as passports.

Are we evolved enough mentally to understand that

our limited definition of “civilization” is insufficient? 

In making legislation, prior to enforcing any referendum, can we establish a requirement among the international community that states,

no law can be made that prevents a people from continuing their way of life?

Can we at least enforce a requirement that the people’s of an area be convened with and that decisions are made with ALL interests considered, so that laws can be made to accommodate them?

We are not at the epitome of social organization. We are at a technological peak, with the potential to surpass this current peak,


At our social peak,

we will not infringe upon the rights of others to live as they choose.

We will protect the rights of all to access to the same resources as everyone else.

At our social peak,

we will give control of natural resources to the people who live in a location, and not the person with the biggest guns.

At our social peak,

we will live according to the realization that success is not about money, civilization is not about technology, and humanity is the unity of all humans in one world respecting right to life of all who breathe.

I am hurting as I meditate on the pain and suffering, yet I know we cannot stop our actions toward our vision of this greater humanity.

Giving up means we consider tragedy acceptable.


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