coincidentally speaking
this is magically inspired
divine even
magic is not illusion so don’t be mistaken
by my choice in words
Magara is the ancient word of Africa
meaning magic in the connection between
the spiritual and the physical
and this is exactly
… that

So I can’t turn this into poetry, which is completely not like me… really.
I’m a poetess,and words are like breathing, second nature
I’m not supposed to feel this “lost for words” sensation
but I feel this energy and I recognize it’s nature
yet, I cannot find the words to describe it
like I”m walking through the forest and the words are leaves dancing
I reach out to catch one that seems the best fit
but none of these
is quite right
but maybe I could paint it or dance it or sculpt it
or maybe
if you could look into my soul’s windows
you’d see what I see
and be just as captivated
and in that captivation
there’d no longer be any need for further clarification
cause that magic in it
would be recognized by you

Coincidences have a way of doing that
since really they’re only “coincidental” to our physical perception
Our spirit is always way ahead
and just waits for our vessels to catch up


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