Goodnight Lullaby

Goodnight Lullaby

i sang you like a lullaby, sweet soft and my notes rose to touch the star light
and the light of your halo was the warm blanket in the middle of this cold existence
cause today felt like bitter cold burning into my soul and all because
you.. are not here…

they say no one is promised tomorrow but you
didn’t even get more than one day
not even 24 hours of breath
but still you… made your mark
like fingerprints on glass…
just a hint of you to carry me over the hot fires of this hell

so i keep singing… “hush little baby don’t say a word”
cruel… these words reminding me that your lips,
will never say those three words
and your ears will never receive my message in return..
shhh… its really all gonna be ok…
but what’s ok without witnessing your playing
at my feet..
they say you can’t miss what you never had…
but they’re full of shit

so i sing “i miss the times that we never had
i miss the love that was almost there…
who ever said it’s impossible to miss what you never had
never almost had you…”

i sing you into existence cause they say sound never dies
and I want to hear you live on inside the winds
it gives me just enough reasons to push on… today…
or at least in this moment

til i hear something like an echo… but no…
this response isn’t a quote of what i sent out
sing: … “hush little daddy/ mommy don’t say a word
i heard all your words from way up here
so don’t you worry cause Im ok
You’ve got your work and i’ve got mine,”

so hush my love, i’ll get through and find my way
cause ur light is all i need
to guide my feet toward tomorrow…
for now i’ll just
sing u into this lullaby… soft and sweet…

(written about a friend of mine who’s child died within 24 hours of being born)


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