I was tiptoeing over the levy
Masking my steps in that soft blanket of grass
I descended on the other side
Undetected… I hope
And followed the crashing spray of Pontchatrain
Cause I thought I heard something familiar hovering inside its winds

Then I sewed scarves onto my arms
Desperate for flight like Icarus
but with a different purpose
I jumped into the speeding air around me and lifted
Into heavens
Chased by lightning sparks
Shaken by the rumble
I coulda swore I saw something caught in the flash

Then I dove head first willingly into a twister
Spinning to shake the sound and sight
Balanced like cats,
We always land on our feet
So I scolded my heart for self-deception
My eyes dropped
following my resolve
Footsteps moving forward
I still hear that familiar song
Shadows keep teasing me
But I’m not pursuing these siren-like signals
Just reminders
Of what’s to be
What will be
as it should be
in it’s proper time


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