This is Not Just A Sensual Piece

Untitled (A Sensual Piece)

(inspired by a discussion on the Urban Intellectuals FB page)

Golden rays tingle and slip over

your smooth warm sand dunes

Sliding these tips over your rises and valleys

Raspberry dripping kisses hypnotizing

It’s meditation

drawing your every mental energy

Into the tickles from these lips, tips, and the way we grip

Hands pulling

forces magnetized

Planets spinning and crashing

we move like rhythm was a child we created

This is our fantasy-fairy tale

We are the beauty

And this passion is the beast

Lovers braided together,

one slips here,

the other slides around this way

Locked in for the ride



this desire

it’s not a competition

Just demonstration

of thoughts we lay in

then with the moon’s rising

we write our desires on and within each other


rising up like lava flowing

Building this mountain

til it reaches beyond the limits of this space

We reach heavens

Unity expands our horizons

Division means falling to pieces

So I slide these fingertips across your honey covered sand dunes

And my raspberry kisses follow closely

Let me be your meditation



Never share this deep connection

with many cause the interactions

Stain the mentality,

drain away the power

Like waterfalls,

too many entries tear away at the structure

Even for those who pretend to be Mr and Ms Unaffected

The crackhead never admits degradation

It’s the healthy spirits that feel the power-pleasure


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