Dating Do’s and Don’t’s

Dating Do's and Don't's

There are a lot of people who will tell you the do’s and dont’s of dating, so I won’t waste your time with the usual rules and regs that you hear. These are just a few tips that aren’t so often talked about.

#1 – A “do” for any man is to put together a plan for the dates, especially the first one. If a man doesn’t put together a plan, it should bother the woman he is interested in.

A man who says “I’ll buy the food, and you can cook,” is looking to either “nest” and get the “wife” treatment right away OR he’s just hoping that getting in the house will raise his chances of getting into your bed. “Cook-overs” are not a good idea until you’ve got a commitment. (Same rule applies to his inviting you to his place for the same)

So as a man, you should know the golden rule of date-night-planning: food and an activity. Google search or choose your favorite restaurant. Google search what’s going on in your city, OR post a status and ask your local friends for ideas about something local that would be good for a date. It’s that simple. Dating was so much harder before the internet, wasn’t it? LOL.

#2 – Pay for the cost of the evening, do not expect to go “dutch,” especially if the woman you are taking out is a single mother. Why? Because any single mother who goes out on a date is very likely to have child care expenses in addition to the money she spends on clothing and hair for the evening. So be considerate of what she has already put in on the evening, and cover the bill.

What if she doesn’t have kids? Well, fellas, chances are she still put money into her outfit and hair, so be considerate and a gentleman and treat the lady out. You want to be the leader in your relationship, then LEAD. Plan the date, and cover the costs. If you have any doubts about her reasons for being out with you, such as maybe she’s just using you for a night out, then why did you ask her out to begin with? So when you ask a kind and loving woman out on a date, you should have no problem putting out a little money on that night.

#3 Have something to say. Yes, we all know it’s not necessary to talk the entire night together, but nobody wants to be made to feel like they are the only one speaking. I hate when I go out with someone and getting them to speak is like pulling teeth. The person you’re dating won’t bite, and they won’t think you’re stupid for starting up a conversation. Comment on something you see in your surroundings, ask their opinion on something, and be sure to offer your own. Don’t worry about whether or not you two will agree, because when you’re dating you’re supposed to be learning about each other anyway. So relax, and open up to a little word exchange.

#4 Be sure to give the lady a heads up on what the plan is for the evening. If you plan on surprising her, at least explain if she should be casual, casual dressy, or formal in attire. No lady wants to be in her “little black dress” and open toe heels, when you planned to go walking at the park after dinner.

There you have it: 4 not so commonly heard tips about dating.


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