A distraction is anything that you perceive as pulling your attention away from your present task as you are making progress toward some goal, whether in the near future or somewhere months or years away.

While everyone deserves to take a break now and again, distractions are not breaks; they are wasteful time, that may lead to a lowered morale or missed opportunities. That’s the way to determine which you are dealing with right now.

Is this an occasional recharge that boosts your energy and determination? Or is it lowering your desire to continue your progress?

The rabbit could have still completed the race before the turtle if all he did was take that one short nap, but when he repeatedly went off course, he proved that he was just not living up to his potential, and therefore, did not complete the task he had set for himself.

Breaks on occasion are beneficial; distractions are dream delayers, and at times dream killers. If it’s not building you up, then either accept that you don’t really want the goal, or get yourself back on course before it’s too late.


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