Say Thank You to Your Antagonists – Here’s Why?

Antagonists - the first of the haters

In every story, there are usually two necessary characters: a protagonist and an antagonist. For anyone unfamiliar with the terms, the protagonist is the central character that the writer intends for the audience to support. The antagonist is the opposite, and is a part of the conflict or challenge that the protagonist must face. (Antagonist is not to be confused with a “hater” in modern slang, because antagonists do not simply have negative things to say, but may actually try to hinder the protagonist in some way, whether with words or actions.)

Imagine what a great story would be like if there were no antagonist? Would the challenge be as demanding (of courage and perseverance) if it did not include a person, but only included some unintentional obstacle? What if Batman didn’t have the Joker, the Riddler, and the others, but only had to battle with random accidents? What if Snow White didn’t have the Evil Queen? Her story would have never been told, because she would have lived a life unchallenged, and therefore, what could we learn from it?

In our lives, we are well aware of who our antagonists are, or have been in the past. Imagine your life void of challenges and void of any antagonists. How likely would you be to improve or develop yourself more? The fastest runner in the United States could never know his truebest, without someone else to challenge him until he reached his maximum. IT’S THE SAME FOR ALL OF US.

So think back on the “antagonists” you’ve dealt with and say a “thank you” for how they pushed you into a situation where you had to improve in order to persevere. In the future, when an antagonist arises for you, I want you to imagine the following:  they think they’re causing you problems and that they will get over on you, but what you know is, they’re just helping you “work out” your inner self, so that you can build yourself even greater. So say thank you to your antagonist. 🙂

Growth and Improvement Require Some Discomfort and Challenge in Order to be Achieved.


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