every one of em claims to be the greatest there ever was
but the greatest has yet to be witnessed by these
ever transparent windows
tinted with mirror capacity
but all they see is a reflection of they
cause their perception isn’t as clear as they believe
the silent audience member
screaming words upon page and stage
cause this is an inner rage
not anger
but passion
and sometimes inside the madness
we hold onto limbs too weak to maintain
the intensity that exists
yet we wish to escape
so we climb
only to find the ascent was better left

learning requires stumbling
and attempts that led to some form of understanding
not previously known
to self
then retreating within the universe of spirit
this paradise is enlightening and inviting
the peace of the greatest
hovering inside his existence
habitat equally divine
to what’s within
so when 2 recognize the 1

questions will be non-existent

all understood inside

In life spirits seek out connections of various forms: family, friends, student, mentor, etc… but the most daunting of these is … lover. Societies throughout human history have tried to contain it within certain restrictions, because they realize what we do too; love is a powerful and necessary thing. It is beautiful, awe inspiring, but because of its power, when handled without care and compassion, love of lovers can be disabling.

Some force young ones into rapid marriages as soon as they come of age, refusing any romantic connections made independently. their intent is to thwart the issues that come from passionate love gone wrong. Yet, even these cultures fail at preventing it. In fact, a lot of the forced marriages are bound in sadness, as two are bound in marriage while still emotionally connected to others.

On the other hand, some cultures allow their people to run rampantly free in their love seeking. No education or understanding offered, just thrown into the madness and by 18 completely without restriction. So we enter into the actions and connections of love with abandon at times, and others with hesitation, yet still, without truly understanding what we are dealing with. So we wonder why so many end up scarred and afraid of love, when THE ONE THING WE MOST NEED AND CRAVE HAS BITTEN US. The culprit of it all is fear and lack of understanding.

What’s to understand? Love is a connection bound by recognizing a balance of self within another and a spiritual vibration that unites. Throughout time we have been aware that love on the internal is impossible to study, since it cannot be seen, yet the ACTIONS can. If we can learn to trust the connection, and learn the LANGUAGE of it in action, perhaps we can move more safely within it.

But ONE ISSUE THAT REMAINS, as listed above in the poem:  when we desire the love, we should not be hasty in reaching out for a “limb” just because it appears appealing. A lot of our pain is preventable when we realize that we TALK OURSELVES into seeing a connection that isn’t there. LEARN TO USE YOUR LOVE GPS. 🙂  lol. Love is a connection, a vibration, that attaches two, and then is communicated through actions.

Once you’ve found that connection, REMIND EACH OTHER OF THIS BEAUTIFUL BOND WITH ACTION. Love is meant to be fun, unity, and growth. LET IT BE THAT WAY.

Sit within your habitat, and live in a knowing joy, that among the many spirits of this world there will be more than one with symmetry to you, and at least one of them will come to you. Most of us will have more than one opportunity for greatness. You have to learn to recognize it, and embrace it with freedom.


The following is a poem by D.H.Lawrence:

Those that go searching for love

Only make manifest their own lovelessness,

And the loveless never find love,

Only the loving find love,

And they never have to seek for it



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