hang in the air like dew drops
rising early in the AM
hiding …
dying to exist a moment longer
til they are kissed by the rays of the sun and
… drop

then dance along petals …
tickling and tingling
… and forming into answers
answers that the masses fight to consume
because it removes their thirst …
… their thirst for truth
they are dying from the choking of lies
this blessed condensation
brings relief from the toxic radiation of a twisted web of why’s
why pain,
why war,
why when one is hurt the other closes the door?
Why abuse?
Why lie?
Why rape?
Why cheat?
Why does a lover yell or beat
only to say but baby I love you?

Masses of humanity twisting themselves into disfigured oragami
fighting for a droplet
barely visible to light
eyes trapped in ignorance
dying to be right…
right about the misery,
feeling powerless,
we are a hot mess…
quick to give up the hope
like a prostitute gives it up for green paper
and a fiend for dope,
never realizing
the power lies in an ocean of possibities
it lays untouched
like a virgin’s chastity..

and why?
cause we are so damn desperate to be right
that our eyes
like Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles have no sight…

The answers are not in fighting for one drop…
one scrap
placed in front of your eyes like SHADOWS on a wall
do u really believe that is all???
all that he offers to his children?
Look to the left look to the right…
the power sits
like ancient waters in the sea…
just waiting
to be taken in by you and me…


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