Everyone wants success. Yes. But everyone has their own idea of what success is.
When someone says they wish to be successful, before offering advice on how to get there,
ask them what is their definition for success? and how do they personally measure it?
You may be surprised by some answers, and of course others will be what is typically heard.
However, I will say this: Those people who define success as only money and financial security are not likely to be at peace and happiness if they were to achieve it.
Because if your success measure was so narrow, then you are not likely to attend to the
other foundational areas of your life: your family, children, friends, community, spirituality, etc.
Success should never be limited to money alone, or it is all you will ever have.

With that said, money or resources, is usually a part of it, because it is the means with which we typically are able to be securely sustained in comfortable living. In my pursuit of financial success, I knew what I was most gifted at, but I didn’t believe it would lead to the financial success I would need to attain the goals I knew were in my vision: for example, my goal to sponsor a few people at a time who wish to make their lives easier but who are trapped being overworked and drained and who cannot seem to find a way out because the daily demands don’t offer them even a moment to just THINK.

That’s just one piece of what I know to be my life’s mission, so I wanted to hurry and get there as fast as I could. Sadly, some of the attempts I made were not based on what Paulo Coehlo calls a “personal destiny.” I was doing what I had seen others do, but that wasn’t for me. I don’t know why for so long I have doubted my own gifts and their ability to be used in the way God wants them to be and to find that financial security through them.

So the lesson is: Don’t follow the paths of others simply because it worked for them. Robert Frost told us about that “road less traveled by,” and how it makes the difference. Well, he was very right. Your vision, and your ability is yours alone.
While there are certain habits that most successful people have, the actual method and vision will be your own.
So yes, abide by the habits of successful people MOST DEFINITELY. But you should not go into the business that they have found success in, or the career that brought them what they desired and needed.
You MUST follow your calling, your “personal destiny,” because it is the only sure way to find the success you know you want so badly.


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