Top 5 Reasons that Black Friday is Nonsense

Top 5 Reasons that Black Friday is Nonsense

#5 … It’s just stuff that you were living without the day before, and you would still be living whether or not you got it today.

#4 … the discount in the store is not too much better than what’s online, so the hours you waste in traffic, and the hours you wasted in line, usually equal around 4 hours… so there’s a 32 inch TV for $100 in store, but it’s $170 online. Sooooo… for around $15 an hour you have the beautiful luxury of staying home with family relaxing while someone delivers your TV in a few days… hmmm… How much is your time and sanity worth?

(for those who say they only had $100 to spend on a TV, then if that’s the case, you obviously are not in a secure enough situation to be spending that $100 right now and you’d be better off using for something else, like maybe the idea toward the end of this post.)

#3 … in today’s world every one has a camera phone and you never know what embarrassing moment you might get caught up in due to someone else’s insanity (or yours, depending on whose reading this)

#2 … You are not boosting the economy by buying from national or international chains. You’re just feeding the beast and bleeding all of us dry who are not within that 1% most wealthy of the population,
cause they are NOT going to make more jobs off of this one day, and they are NOT going to give any one a raise. Just saying.

#1 … The whole week after Christmas there are huge sales on most of the same items anyway.

But besides this list, it goes back to what you value. We’ve seen the videos as lots of people fight over items that will be used just like any other item of its category,

and in a year, it’ll be labeled as “obsolete” even though it still … works… just the same as the new one. But someone will say there’s a difference, of some number of DPI. SMH.

Instead you could be taking control of your wallet and your brain and instead of spending when stuff is on “sale,” try planning how to make that money grow (buy something in bulk for cheap, wait a month and re-sell it on Craigslist or E-bay for 25% to 35% more than you bought it for. It’s still a bargain for those buying it, and you still make profit. and I’ve got more ideas if you want some.)

Here’s a few other great ways to use your money:  trips, day-cations in your town or city, or I don’t know, maybe you can help someone who is suffering with some of that money.

In the end, it’s all just stuff. If next month you still feel just as bored, BLAH, anxious, disconnected or whatever you were feeling before, then why not realize that “retail” is just your “crack,” and places like Wal-Mart are just your “dealer” You can’t get what you need from the “crack.”




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