Winsome and Losesome

Winsome and Losesome

Winsome and Losesome were walking down the road
Winsome was sharing stories of all the wins he had won
Losesome was silent as he listened with ears open
but mind closed
Winsome stretched proudly as his stride picked up the pace
While Losesome turned so that Winsome
could not see his face
It wasn’t sad expressions or tears that he tried to hide
It was a subtle smile that winsome would never understand
Winsome always only saw the victories he’d had
While Losesome knew the lessons from the good and the bad
Most would say Winsome was just more positive
but truth of the matter is
Winsome was the foolish who learned nothing as he went
Always repeating but never exceeding his skills and knowledge
Losesome and winsome parted ways as they often do
Winsome stepped forward projecting
While Losesome continued to build
Like the tortoise and the hare
one day at the end they will again meet
Winsome will have victories
While Losesome will have a legacy
Victories are fleeting and only for the one
Legacies raise many and are never undone…


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