U see child’s playtime at recess or parks but
Im telling u look deper
its much more than silly games played
its life inside a stage called the playground
Its learning that red light green light teaches
To move undercover and always keep an eye on
The other
its proving that he who focuses intently is king or queen
With double dutch jump ropes clicking
and the rhymes shared remind that the success of one
Relies on the team
Its how nobody wants to be just another duck duck duck
Cause the object of the others affection
or attention is always the goose
And lovers only tap tap from duck to duck
but slow down their run
just to be touched by the one they choose
Its claps of hands counting out a rhythm
likedown by the riverside the bullfrog jumps
from bank to bank cause frogs never rest
And only princes wear crowns
wonder how many got vision clear enough to see
that all that glitters aint gold and
Sometimes u gotta see the sparkle in a soul
to know what u truly hold…
Playground is the safe place to rehearse escape
in hide n seek and freeze tag and
in that space its all make believe but truly
we need this cause monsters really do exist
only they’re not dragons inside dungeons
or a 7 headed hydra
monsters wear t-shirts and even cardigans
many wear suits and even the one u call friendso
Remember running never had nothing to do
with the way the attacker looked
Cause we are always at risk
and any damn body could be the IT
and ms mary musta lied cause 15 cents
to see the elephant elephant elephant
and she jumped so “hiiiiiiiigh”
that she disappeared til the 4th of july
see im seeing these things with brand new eyes
and just like the old school fables and nursery rhymes
All games are neat little boxes with life lessons inside
So when u get to questioning which way u oughta move
or if this is the right kinda lover to be in ur world
or if ur doubting or just lost
Remember the playground never stopped being ur home
nomatter how grown…
The door is always open and the teachers never leave
cause the kids inside of u and me
still breathe…
its not all just make believe


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