I Am NOT My Ass

I Am NOT My Ass

I live in a world where this is so damn envied
its the reason some spend thousands on enhancements
its given many who have no talent their advancements
into media and music industry
i live in a world where this side-tracks men
who were deepin conversations…
and women like me should be called hypnotists
cause the swish of these hips is hyptonizing
drawing the male attention
standing at attention like good obedient soldiers
trained by years of booty-licious-ness
and their fantasies fly into x-rated visuals
imagining the bedtime rituals they could live again and again
hands grabbing onto round firm cushions
makes for no rushing of the pushing
cause this is more alluring than the sparkle of diamonds
apparently so my words are half-assed heard
as I’m dropping pearls of God’s wisdom
and my passions are warming the soul of all who hear
as long as they aint seen this yet…
so I used to cover this ass-et under layers
thinking maybe it was my duty to take preventative measures
besides this body is meant to be a treasure for a committed man
not a visual masterpiece for all who walk the museum of this land

but still it was as if the rise of the clothing betrayed me any damn way
so i found that one sure way to raise the eyes of men from my equator
to THIS latitude
was not to interject or speak rude
instead… i will take my spoken words
and blast the sound system of your mind
cause who i am is one who needs to be held and reminded of love
i am every woman with the power and passion to raise nations
but i cannot and should never walk alone
I’m a treasure among the rough rocks of this world
so when you sifting through the world of girls who don’t understand their worth
the stones who dominate conversations and relationships
instead of creating partnerships

who bark their demands instead of working as two to make a plan
and these chicks who’ve forgotten that women
can connect safely with a man
yea among the twisted, miseducated females
there are some true flawless specimens
the balance to the man in you
the one who resonates and vibes
pleases, caresses, and lifts you

so this diamond is trying to open your eyes
before another perfection passes you by
cause your mistaking her for just another card carrier
of the Banging Backside Committee
cause my kind are not to be mistaken for glass
excuse me … ummm sir… up here… yes you sir… excuse me
but I AM NOT MY … ASS.


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