Meditation leads to some very helpful realizations. Today while meditating I thought about how often  people criticize others and you wonder why. I thought about a couple of great people I knew and situations in which I heard others criticizing their efforts and I wondered why? As usual during meditation, the answer came with ease:  Those who criticize a person in that hateful way are actually intimidated by the potential in that person. 

Now allow me to elaborate. This does not mean that ALL criticism is an effort to downplay a person. Don’t make the mistake of disregarding all criticism because the truth is, we can all learn and improve. So, first analyze the criticism to determine its INTENT. 


Let’s consider a singer is performing a short concert. After the concert is over you hear the following 2 separate comments made. 

Person on the right side of the venue states:  Her nerves must have been hitting her hard,, cause her pitch was off !!! 

Person on the left side of the venue states:  Now you know she got no business being on stage. Sounding like Rasputia on crack. 

Obviously you can see that the person on the left side is just hateful, while the person on the right noticed the weakness in the performance but didn’t make it seem like the singer was horrible. Therefore, if the singer heard these 2 comments, she should completely disregard the person on the left, and consider what she can do to improve according to what the person on the right had to say, because it was a good suggestion, even if it sounded a little harsh to the performer. 


So first you have to understand that people who criticize in a hateful manner need to be ignored. Sometimes this can be hard, because a lot of the time we internalize the negative more than the positive. It may take effort but replay some negative things you know have been said about you. Speak them aloud, and laugh at how ridiculous it sounds.  

I’ve had this happen to me too, from people I expected it from, and from someone I once called a sister because I considered her as more than a friend. As I meditated on why other people I love have been hated on in such a way, I realized that I too had been a victim of this, and I asked why? What makes a person attack others? 

It’s simple. We are all humans, and at times fall victim to emotions and act on them without fully understanding why at first. It doesn’t mean that you trust that person, because those people who FREQUENTLY do this have a seriously great chance of holding you down. While those who only do so on very rare occasions, will likely feel badly and not repeat. We all do it at one point or another. This is why EVERYBODY says they’ve been hated on by somebody, because everybody at sometime has hated on somebody else. 

SO I’M WRITING THIS because my realization compelled me to do so, not just for you reading this, but for me too. BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN TOLD BY MY CLOSEST FRIEND-FAMS that I should stop holding my own self back. When a vision arises, I should pursue it the same way I do a cup of coffee in the morning. LOL. With determination and love.
So after you repeated the negative things that have been said, and heard how thoroughly silly they sound, I want you to do something else. I want you to state aloud and write down ALL the things you have accomplished, and keep going. Don’t worry about listing them in order, just keep saying and writing them as they come to mind. Record a video if you please, I would LOVE to see your AFFIRMATION VIDEOS. You know what? I think I’ll make one tonight. 🙂 Because a lot of the time when we are doubting ourselves, it’s because we are not considering all that we have done already. All these things that PROVE your potential. So do that now, and get to understanding WHO YOU ARE.

SO HERE’S TO UNDERSTANDING THAT THOSE WHO HAVE HATED, ACTUALLY AFFIRMED THE GREATNESS IN YOU AND IN ME. Because if they didn’t see it, they wouldn’t be intimidated and worried that in some way you and I would “steal their shine.” 




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