Should You Relocate for Love?

In today’s world, people are so interconnected that we are getting jobs across the globe, and we are meeting people all over, whether through travels or through online networks. A lot more people are finding themselves in a love dilemna because of this. 

Dilemna 1: is when you are in love with someone but you or they has a job offer or some other sort of offer in another city, state or country that will benefit them greatly. 

Dilemna 2: is when you meet someone from another city, state or country, (either while traveling or on a social network) and you realize there is good reason to believe the two of you would work as a couple. 

In these two dilemnas, the only way you two can be together is by making a difficult decision. 

Let’s start with Dilemna 2. In most cases, it will not be adviseable to uproot your life for someone who lives in another place. In these instances most of the knowledge you gained has not been through direct and sustained contact. People can easily portray their greatest attributes through Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, while leaving out the subtle daily personality traits that may or may not suit you. 

HOWEVER, if you have no mandatory attachments to your current city, then you could consider it. The best situation is one in which you are free to move to their city, able to secure sustainable income, AND most importantly, you must be able to LIVE ALONE. It is NOT a good idea AT ALL to share living quarters until you two have dated and interacted socially for at least 6 months. IT’S NOT A GOOD IDEA TO GO FROM SINGLE MODE, TO LIVE IN COUPLE MODE TOO QUICKLY. It will make one or both of you uncomfortable and uneasy, and even though many will try to mask their feelings, IT WILL OUT. 

Bur remember, in most situations, this will not be a good idea simply because a lot of people have children in their current city, or they have a stable career with growth that this potential love might not be worth totally screwing up. SO MOVE CAUTIOUSLY AND WISELY in this situation. 

NOW LET’S LOOK AT DILEMNA 1:  In this situation, you have to realize that YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS PERSON, love this person, and know that the two of you can have a great life together. If one of you is given a great opportunity to benefit the career path, or other life goals, then encourage that growth. 

And if you’re the other person who is feeling left behind, GET TO MAKING PLANS TO GO WITH THEM !!! 

AND GENTLEMAN, that goes for you too!!! If she is offered something amazing, but says she wants to be with you, don’t ask her to give either one of these two up. Go with her, just as you would want her to go with you. GROW TOGETHER. 

Find you a job. Give your love some time to fully realize that potential and you can make the most of this new city too. 

I’m aware in some situations you may have something in your current city that makes you doubt leaving. And that’s understandable. Maybe your career is booming where you are, and in that case, weigh out the pros and cons of making that move. Is it worth losing that love to hold on to your career? 

BUT LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, if you are already thinking of leaving your current city, or if your current job or business is not working out the way you want, then perhaps this offer is a calling for you as well. If they are the parent of your child(ren,) then supporting them is just the same as raising the future of the kids.  

Dilemnas of love… but imagine your life’s path without them. Would you regret the things you could miss out on if this person wasn’t with you? If it’s someone you haven’t spent much time with, then the regret won’t be much to worry about. BUT IF THIS IS YOUR LOVE, then trust me, you will regret it if you don’t take advantage of the chance to be with them. 


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