What’s the Key to Passionate relationships?

People like free spirits.

Here’s why I say this. Over the years, I’ve been flattered that so many men have found me intriguing. No I”m not like Angelina Jolie; I don’t have the type of attraction that gets all men going, but a good enough and frequent enough number to say that I feel flattered and confident in my charisma and looks.

For a while, I wasn’t sure what it actually was, and to be honest, for most of my dating years, I didn’t care to figure that out. It just didn’t interest me to determine what it was that intrgued them because I had been in a relationship for a while. And when a man approached me to be anything more than friends, I simply dismissed them and continued on with the man I loved. (I’m just not a cheater.)

But now that I have been single for a few years, I started to take notice of what was going on. I was attracting ALL KINDS… single, married, separated, divorced… rich, poor, college educated, drop outs, rough necks, artists, etc… and since I wasn’t seeing a “trend” in a particular type being drawn to me, it was a little confusing.

The question I had was: What could these men who have very little in common all see in me?

I mean each type of man usually has the same tastes in things and women. But these guys loved to have long conversations with me, and they loved writing, sharing knowledge, and just being in my presence for whatever time frame I would give them.  So I decided to meditate on this. It wasn’t sex, because if I didn’t accept the offer of sex, they didn’t care; they just wanted to be in my presence.

Finally, I asked them, especially the ones who were in commitments and just wanted to talk to me: Why do you like me?

The answer became consistent. I offered them what other women did not. I was a free spirit. I didn’t have apprehension. If I wanted to do something, I just did it. I was random and creative, and I truly enjoyed life and all the experiences it has to offer.


So I”m writing this because I want to help others who are in relationships, and are worried about “losing the spark”, “the passion,” etc. The key is in your approach to life.


So take a walk just for the hell of it, bring some chalk along and write on the side walk. WHO CARES WHO SEES U??? if they have anything to say about it, they just wishing they were bold enough to do it. Play some music on your phones, and dance at the top of a parking tower. Get water guns and play chase at the park or in your back yard. Paint. who cares if its good or not. PAINT UR WALLS if u own your house. and who cares if it looks like it makes sense… LOL… that’s the point. just pick a wall, and let that wall be your “freedom” wall, AND BE FREE to live !!!

That’s where the love is. That’s where the passion is.

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, if you’re living like this, with all this passion and freedom, your relationship will be amazing. You two will be the closest of friends, and you’ll be too busy having a great time for either of you to take a risk on cheating or leaving.


So get to loving and living. ❤ Because believe me, living without that other half of you, is suffering. Living together in joy and laughter is paradise. ❤


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