Bright eyes like fireflies

soaking in all that the world showed and

spilled out dreams through his hand on to paper

like the ink were the drops of his soul

Chase, a name and a verb

cause he chased after man-hood like it was the crown of kings

he walks alone called it his “One deep click”

can’t nobody intrude cause he knew he stood alone

most days

protecting his mother and brother


who grew with no mentor

more like splinters of his past buried inside his finger

burning a reminder that he would have to find his way

though the jungle of the world alone

can you accuse him of faults when he fell into a snake pit

if no one ever showed him where to place his footsteps?

Chasing his way over tree tops he wanted to be like the birds

hovering above because

they were the untouchables

and he was scamperinig along believing he was only a mouse

prey and scavenger fighting for the kingdom

so i moved the treetops back til the sunlight landed on feathers

he never knew existed… and I showed him the stretch of his wings

til he moved on to some other teacher’s reach

and i pray he is still chasing his way to the tops

and maybe by today he’s found how to let the air carry him

and let the light show him the way…

can’t find no anger for lost ones walking in madness

a bird can never fly if no one ever tells him he has wings


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