10 Things I Know to Be True

(inspired by Sarah Kay)

1. Picasso was right… all children are artists, the challenge is remaining one.
2. Art is a beautiful way of life.
3. Coffee and wine are amazing agents of communication.
… 4. People are usually much more brilliant than they actually realize or are willing to admit.
5. Our lives are a combination of connections.
6. Life is never about how much you can own, but instead it’s about how much joy you found and created.
(the ancient Egyptians got that one right.)
7. There are more reasons to smile in life than there are to cry.
8. Tears are the body’s way of clearing out the build up of intense emotion, and ART is the spirit’s way of doing the same.
9. Imagination is made into reality by our actions, therefore, there is NO impossiblity.
10. The 10th truth is always the hardest one to decide on. 🙂

Now it’s your turn to make your list of 10 things you know to be true.


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