The 99% – Occupy

Most people understand that the “Occupy” movement is a resistance against the malpractice of the nation’s leaders and financial institutions. However, that’s as much as some people know. Well, I know some are curious but don’t know who to ask for more information. Look no further, cause I’m going to break it down for you.

“The 99%” is a way to explain that 99% of the world’s population are servants to the 1% who are the most wealthy of our species. The 1% yields all power and control over resources, while the 99% are kept in a servant status, with millions living in severe poverty, starvation, and riddled in horrific diseases.

The healthier portion of the 99% are pacified with their mediocre opportunities, and most don’t even realize how the 1% have arranged things so that the 99% will barely get by during their life, and they will create policy and control access to information in an effort to maintain the caste system (1% royalty and 99% as servants and slaves, controlled by the decisions of the 1%)

But the MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember is, you can only be controlled if you accept it.


So now when you here a person in the “Occupy” movement or someone else mention the 99%, you will now understand the basics of that meaning.

“Occupy” is a powerful verb that was chosen to lead the movement. There is a basic rule of physics that says “Two objects cannot occupy the same space.” Therefore, when “occupy” literally occupies a city, the idea is that all other things are instantly removed. Just as darkness cannot exist where there is light, the 1% cannot enter where the 99% have taken over.

The movement focuses on peaceful occupation as opposed to occupation through force and violence. The movement has taken this very simple law of physics and applied it perfectly to this revolution.

One final thing I’d like to point out is that there are no leaders for this movement. The 99% are evenly recognized. Every individual carries the ability to carry the mission forward. THIS IS BRILLIANT. Most movements are weakened because they have a figurehead that can easily be taken out. With “Occupy” there is only the masses, all in agreement, all occupying the present and the future. There is no symbol to assassinate or humiliate. There is only determination, and the undying will of the human spirit to seek justice and equality for all.

For more information check out these links:
Atlanta –
Phoenix –
Seattle –
and there are many others available in various cities. Simple search on facebook or google and see what everyone is doing nationwide


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