What do you say to negative backbiting people?

Inspired by Ranryo, Buddhist Monk whose name means “Night Rain” because of his love for the rain fall at night.

His short lesson inspired a thought from me about how often we receive criticisms and discouragement from others as we “climb” the mountain of life.

His lesson ended with this:

“when they arrive(at birth), all alike

See the moon atop the peak.

Only pity those who have no faith

And suffer over the climb.”

What I got from this was, that as we climb the mountain, the climb is a beautiful blessing because it refines us, makes us better, and stronger and brings us closer to internal peace and improves the world around us for those who will come after.

But yall know that as we climb higher, there are always “naysayers and backbiters” trying to distract us. And we always wonder, “Why?” Why do they lash out when they see someone else achieving something or when they see someone striving to be a more respectful and beautiful person within? Why when you try to be “different” i.e. a more centered and peaceful force of God’s light on Earth, do others feel so angered by it?

Ranryo’s lesson gave me a glimpse at a way to present the lesson. They are angry because as Nelson Mandela clearly stated a brilliant truth, “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” Only there are people, like Mandela and Ranryo explain, who fear their own power and do not want to be reminded about what they can achieve.

So when you do something that is not the mediocre norm, when you actually live a habit of giving without seeking the praise of others, when you impact others in a positive way, when you achieve career and education success, when you see your dreams become reality, others see it too.

Only problem is, your example has proven that the only problem with their current life, is … say it with me… THEIRSELVES. And therefore, your rising into success and/or being a greater more caring person, makes them upset because you’re bringing attention to their own ACCOUNTABILITY for their situation.

THANKFULLY, there will always be others who see your example as MOTIVATION. And will add themselves to the successful who see the chance to make the “climb” that life gives, as an amazing gift and opportunity. These other MOTIVATED people will live by the words of Rev. Desmond Tutu who said these people who are like you, “will not be threatened by the goodness in others because their own esteem and self-worth is generated by knowing they belong to a greater whole.”

So next time a negative person comes at you with some foolishness, pity them, because like Ranryo said, they are only in their own way and you’re life has made them have to face that reality.  Keep climbing and when they throw you hate reply in the words of Rev.Desmond Tutus culture, “If I diminish you, I diminish myself.” And keep on climbing. Isn’t it a beautiful thing?


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