Why Peace Has Been So Difficult

It is apparent to me that the time has finally come for the world’s people to unite and live in peace. After thousands of years of peaceful faiths coexisting, there have been a few hundred (since the Crusades) where several of you would like to undermine the peace process and insist on pretending that the wars are based on faith teachings, when nothing could be further from the truth.

At least your ancestors were honest about their intentions; they fought over land, resources, and power over these things. Mostly they battled over trade routes and made no mention of “religion” as it didn’t matter who believed what in those times. All that mattered was who was in power over the valuable resources.

You have taken the name of the God you serve in vain, and I believe all of you teach this to be one of the foulest of sins possible. The God you serve does not support violence among His people. He does not support dogma or extremism of any kind. He also does not support the finger-pointing so many of you do today. Too many of you will say “but my religion doesn’t follow dogma” or “my religion doesn’t commit to extremism.”

Remember this, Dogma and Extremism are in the eyes of the beholder, just the same as beauty is. What you see as “warranted” and “justified” actions could easily be seen as “radical”, “extreme”, “intolerant”, and ignorant “dogmaticism.”

How can you determine if your actions, words, and thoughts are pure and wise? They must pass the God test. God understands that all people have the same desires, to please Him and to live a healthy and peaceful life. We very often forget that, and seek other sources of pleasure in this life, only to find that we create competition and distance in our relationships of various kinds; love, family, neighbors, cultures, and countries.

The words of the United States Declaration of Independence hold within them the God test: all people are endowed by their creator to certain inalienable rights, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Though we are all aware that the United States has not always followed this central truth, the truth of it is not lost; this is the God test I speak of.

All people have the right to live peacefully and safely in a home and to have adequate resources and freedom to live and believe as they choose. No matter the land they set foot on, this is their right. There is no need to assume that your way of life will change because your neighbor calls God by a different name; that is simply silliness.  Will you not still have your own rights inside your own home and within your life? Of course.

Consider the lives of people in Palestine. Why does it matter the manner in which the person next to you prays? He is, after all, praying to the same God. Jew, Muslim, and Christian can not only respect but have a genuine appreciation for the love we all show to the same God.  I see all these faiths as allies in faith for the same God.

The current situation in this region is in turmoil dating back to misguided decisions made by the British leaders following WWI. The people of Palestine welcomed the Jewish people into their land to escape Nazi Germany. It was also following WWI that the old leadership under the Ottoman(Turkish) empire was gone and was replaced by British rule.

The British did not show the proper respect for the people who lived on this land for thousands of years.  They acted upon their mindset at that time, which was one of superiority. This mentality is still present, yet not as easily or widely accepted as they once were. . However, following WWII, the Brits were not as informed as they are now. They decided to force land from its Arab owners and sell it to the Jews. Arabs were forced from their lands as the Brits simply divided the land as they saw fit, without regard for the people of the land. The tensions were thus sparked and re-erupt from time to time.

I will not discuss the reasons they erupt. I will only say that we must understand where this all really started. This was not a dispute over hundreds of years. Actually, prior to European involvement, Arabs and Jews had existed peacefully because all were equally respected on this land. This is proof yet again, that the God test must be applied in all future dealings between people, whether in Palestine, Asia, Africa, the Americas, or anywhere mankind may find itself.

The people of Egypt in the last month have proven that Muslim and Christian citizens were more than willing to protect each other in the face of violence. They were willingly offering themselves as human shields during each others’ worship services. The people understand what leaders all so often do not. There is no fear unless it is forced on to a population. When leaders insist on equality and peaceful cooperation, the people are more than happy to comply.

In this modern age, we are in more frequent communication than ever before. Can we use this communication to come together in a peace petition, a Global peace petition? Let’s stand for cooperation across borders, across religions, and inside of all our lands. The violence of the past can never be forgotten, but it does not need to continue.

We are all the descendants, the brothers, and sisters, of the murderers and the fallen. The blood of millions screams out for a decision to end the madness today; to declare that in the path of The Indigo Revolt of Bengal (peaceful protests that inspired Ghandi), Ghandi and Martin Luther King, we will protest the continuation of disrespect. We will not continue forward while leaders toy with emotions, pay hoodlums to divide us by committing violence and then telling us our “enemies” did it.

Yes, our enemies did do it. Our enemies are those paying to keep us apart. It’s not our Christian, Muslim, and Jewish brothers under God that are attacking us; it’s the greedy ones who pay a few foolish and desperate individuals to continue the violence. When someone claims they are attacking because of God, understand that they are not one of US, the faithful. They are attached to the greedy and evil ones.

So when you see another of God’s followers, wearing a cross, a yamukah, or performing salat (a Muslim prayer), remember these are your brothers and sisters, and we have the same enemy; the ones who try to keep us apart.

Once we understand our true enemies and their goal, we realize there is one way to defeat them; to unite under Allah, God, Yah, Jah’s plan for us. He is one, and so are We. Let’s protect each other, as thousands are doing in Egypt now.

Christians protecting Muslims


Muslims protecting Christians



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