Somebody Said You Were Looking For Me?

Somebody said you were looking for me?

You thought I was hiding

Nah man… here I go.

Who is me? Me is… truth. 🙂

Answers that your mind knew

but somehow got trapped inside your youth

locked away behind the prison cell

in the corner of your mind.

The sands of time and the carelessness

of others

may have made your … river of hope run dry

so ya have to walk across the Sahara desert of your cerebullum

where I… wait patiently inside a steel cage

like a hard core felon.

But in reality I am the one who can erase

your need for rage.

Destroy your devotion to self pity.

I’m the life guard pulling you out the sea

of your destructive habits like…

toxic substances, doubt or regret

or the crack of them all… anger addiction

somebody said you were looking for me

well here I go

Me is truth… truth of the peace

that sets you free, puts your soul at ease

Break down your walls of seclusion

You were held captive the same as me

guilty of your own entrapment

Like Joshua at the wall of Jericho

I’m gonna yell right beside you

Til the tons of bull s***

you call reality falls to become… your mountain.

Standing atop the lessons of your past

To rise up from the ashes brand new

See it’s paradise on Earth that awaits you

when you set yourself free…

Somebody said you were looking for me

looking for the truth to set you free

from your self imposed captivity

and show you it really is greener

on the other side of your wall

so take a step in faith that great things are meant for you

Somebody said you were looking for the truth?

Well… here I go

All along I was that quiet voice inside of you


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